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Data & Analytics – TerconPartners 

TerconPartners delivers quantifiable improvements in team, leader and organizational performance around the globe. In the past thirty years, it has helped organizations and corporate leaders build sustainable organizational capability, drive down costs, minimize risk and deliver required business results.

We helped TerconPartners with its cross-team alignment survey and data analytics.

  • Created a survey to support TerconPartners’ cross-team alignment effort for its customers on evaluating how effectively two or more teams are working together to achieve desired business results.
  • Analyzed historical survey data of more than ten years, identified trends and patterns, created data visualization, and presented the analysis.

At the completion of this project, TerconPartners was able to see trends of organization performance areas over the years, recognize strong and weak areas, and identify correlations between performance areas. This helps TerconPartners make recommendations to its clients.

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Project Management – River Hill High School PTSA

River Hill High School PTSA is an all volunteer non-profit organization providing services and support to parents, teachers, and students at River Hill High School.

We created a strategy, managed projects, and successfully delivered technology solutions.

  • Assessed technology needs and created a strategy for member engagement, communication improvement, organizational efficiency, and marketing.
  • Created an easy-to-use website for volunteers to update website content, and for parents to subscribe to monthly newsletters, view news & events, and make online purchases and membership payments.
  • Implemented Google for Nonprofits so volunteers have PTSA email accounts and can share documents using Google Drive.
  • Set up MailChimp, Twitter, and Facebook for user engagement.

These solutions significantly saved volunteers’ time, enabled outreach to more parents, teachers, and students, and created a positive image of the PTSA.